Nidhi Company Software

Raj Webtech Nidhi company software

Nidhi/ mutual benefit company software is mini banking software. Raj webtech has developed Nidhi Company Software with continuous research in Nidhi or Mutual Benefit software with guidance of all experienced people, who are running such institutions. We studied exact and practical working of Nidhi along with the common problems faced by these organizations, and on the basis of this analysis and research we have developed this software. Nidhi Software is developed by our best experienced professionals with full data security. It is fully customizable and can be integrated with real time Mobile, SMS and Email system. The software is simple and easy to understand. A person can master this software in very less time with basic computer knowledge.

Centralized Processes

Many processes are centralized at the HO level where the servers are hosted. Product open, Branches open, Interest Table, Membership acceptance, Interest Application, Branches Monitoring, Customer communication, printout and reminders etc. Commission Structure Loan and Advances accounts follow up Backup.

Nidhi/Mutual Benefits Software has integrated General Accounting Module with Cash-Bank Book, Journal Entries, General Ledgers, Trial Balance, Day Book, Fix Deposit, Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet etc. Fully secured database with role based security implementations.

Branch Identity

In our solution it is possible to take our individuals branches Balance sheets, Day Book and Profit and Loss Statement every day.


All Branches are centralized so there is no need to send any reposts from branches. Head Office can browse and takeout all reports at HO for any Branch at real time. Also generate consolidated report like P&L, Trail Balance and Balance Sheet at real time.

Easy Upgrade

We provide easy upgrade to our existing clients with complete support, training and guidance.

Message Broad Casting

In this case HO is able to broadcast standard and customized message to one or more branches.

Advisor Commission

Commission is a form of payment to an agent/advisor for service rendered. Nidhi/Mutual Benefits Software have the feature of advisor commission with a detailed commission structure. It includes all type of report like advisor commission, commission paid details etc. which are related to advisor commission.

Pulling Information

Under this condition the client can pull information required for his account like: Balance, Mini Statements and Interest Rates etc.

Advisor Log-in Facility

Advisor satisfaction is prime motive, so there is a facility to your advisor to check his business status online any time & anywhere in the world.
We have provided quality consists of products and services on time and in conformance with customer requirements. We shall recognize and respect our customers' right to receive quality products and services, on time and within budget.